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My Properties

Atlanta, GA – 3 Bedroom- 2 Baths- 1200 sq. ft.

951 Violet

Purchase Date: Dec 2013

Purchase Price- 94,000  | Current Value- 165,000 [+$71,000]

Down Payment- 24,000 | Total Cash ROI Since Purchase- +295%

Mortgage- $600/month  | Rent- $1050/month

Cash Flow- +$450/month

Philadelphia- 3 Bedroom – 1 Bath- 1400 sq. ft.

6030 Delancey

Purchase Date: Feb 2015

Purchase+ Renovation Price- $68,000  | Current Value-$124,000 [+$56,000]

Down Payment- $17,000 | Total Cash ROI Since Purchase- +329%

Mortgage- $400/month  | Rent- $950/month

 Cash Flow- +$550/month

Danbury, CT Propery is a 3- Family Home

IMG_20161119_175848 (1).jpg

Purchase Date: Sep 2015

Purchase + Renovation Price- $409,000  | Current Value-$496,000 [+$87,000]

Down Payment- $35,000 | Total Cash ROI Since Purchase- +249%

Mortgage- $2800/month  | Total Rent- $4100/month

 Cash Flow- +$1300/month

Danbury, CT #1 – 2 Bed – 1 Bath – 650 sq. ft.


 Rent- $1175/month

Danbury, CT #2 – 2 Bed – 1 Bath – 700 sq. ft.


 Rent- $1250/month

Danbury, CT #3 – 3 Bed – 1 Bath – 1400 sq. ft.


 Rent- $1650/month

*Notes- Values shown above rounded in some cases for easier reporting; “Total Cash ROI Since Purchase” value is the percentage of equity that has been created relative to the cash put down as a down payment to secure the property; “Cash Flow” values are rental income minus mortgage payments [PITI] but does not include operational costs [ vacancies, property management expense, and other expenses].



If you want to learn more about how I’ve helped others, some of the testimonial givers below have made themselves available for direct contact. Leave me a note on the “Contact” Page if you’d like to speak directly to someone I’ve consulted in the past.

” I have been trying to find opportunities to get into real estate for almost a year now but had no direction within the field. I sought a professional who had personal expertise and experienced knowledge in the field, and also an individual who would not judge my circumstance (as I am a young professional who is still strengthening my financial fitness). Lawrence was incredibly encouraging. He immediately made me feel like I had viable options (which many real estate consultants wouldn’t do). He asked me several questions to garner a better understanding of my goals, and my financial capabilities. Within a day and a half he curated an incredibly detailed report that blew me away. I would highly recommend his service to anyone (I mean anyone who is committed to getting into real estate, but is unsure of how to do so). He is incredibly knowledgeable, he found and recommended properties (and provided me with a specific timeline), he is responsive and really seeks to provide an individualized plan based on each persons circumstance. I am incredibly grateful to the opportunity to have worked with him, and believe that his service is priceless. “






P. Agu- Miami,FL – Aug 2017

” Wow, I can’t say enough about this guy. I met Lawrence in grad school. When I reached out to learn more about his strategies, Lawrence helped me with a plan that lead to my first purchase in Jersey City. I can’t wait to buy my second property and will certainly reach back out to pick his brain before doing so.


G. Diabes- Jersey City, NJ – July 2017


“Lawrence has been incredibly helpful in my journey. I just graduated from college and didn’t have a long-established credit history so securing a mortgage seemed impossible. Lawrence guided me on how to still land my target place. I don’t know what I would’ve done without him. I would 100% recommend him.”


K. Stanley- Houston, TX – June 2017