Lawrence Isaiah Morris, B.S., M.B.A.


Why I Consult?

I am an experienced real estate buyer/investor, and I currently own properties in Atlanta, GA, Philadelphia, PA, and Danbury, CT. I own both single family homes and multi-family homes, and I have also bought homes that were either ready to move-in or needed renovations.

Since I bought my first property in 2013, I have been the primary contact within my friend and family network for all questions relating to home-buying. Now, I’ve decided to make my expertise known and available to others.


Photo taken by lawyer on day of my biggest closing to date- 3 Family Home in Danbury, CT.

My Next Purchases

In the next 2 years I will be buying a primary home in Brooklyn, NY [Q1-2018] and a multifamily home in Philadelphia [Q2-2019].

#1 Personal-Professional Goal

I am methodically progressing towards achieving my #1 personal-professional goal of generating enough independent income by 40 such that I won’t depend on a FT employer for my livelihood (long before retirement age).

Who knows if I’ll ever quit working for some corporation, but I can’t wait to [fearlessly] not need to work for anyone but myself. I am currently tracking towards reaching this goal by age 34 if I continue acquiring RE at the pace I’ve been doing so to-date. I’m 28 now, and I made my first RE purchase when I was 24.



 NYU Stern School of Business -MBA-Finance, Tech, Strategy

Columbia University School of Engineering -B.S.- Chemical Engineering

Ellender Memorial High School – High School Diploma- Valedictorian